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 Five axis CNC spring press
 Five axis CNC spring press

Five axis CNC spring press

Product overview

*Wire feeding, outer diameter, upper and lower cutters and pitch axes operate independently, which can get rid of the limitation of transmission and make spring production more flexible to meet the requirements of various compression springs and torsion springs
*Compared with the two axis machine system, it reduces the error caused by the transmission, improves the production speed, accuracy, and easy adjustment.
*When it is necessary to produce left-hand, right-hand or torsion springs, it is not necessary to replace the machine parts, but only to make partial adjustment on the machine device.
*The control system constructs the common spring mode, only needs to input the spring size data to be produced, then it can be quickly transformed into the production program and improve the adjustment speed
*  USB port is set on the controller to store the produced programs in PC, which is not limited by the number of storage groups

technical parameter
model CNC-508 CNC-516 CNC-532
Number of axes   five axis
Wire diameter range   mm 0.13 - 0.8   0.7 - 1.8   1.4- 3.2   
external diameter   mm twenty forty fifty
Fastest production rate eight hundred piece / minute five hundred piece / minute two hundred piece / minute
Matching rack 60kgs 100kgs 200kgs

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