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 SFX series - second generation spring machine slide plate machine

SFX series - second generation spring machine slide plate machine

Product overview

*Four plates, eight different axial movement, high flexibility, suitable for the spring with complex shape and difficult adjustment
*The slide plate and cutter base have scale and positioning pin, memory tool position and shorten setting time
*Patented R & D software, effective play to the characteristics of servo motor, continuous feed, fast production speed
*Multi axis computer control program, reduce the technical requirements of adjusting machine, and start quickly
*Windows system, remote online, real-time diagnosis and system maintenance
*The control hardware adopts Beckhoff control system from Germany, with stable and reliable performance
*Spring clip, tube bundle, double tension spring / reset spring and high difficulty double torsion spring are all suitable for production on skateboard machine
*The complex spring can be completed at one time, which can reduce the secondary processing and save human resources

technical parameter
model SFX-10X SFX-20X SFX-40X
Number of axes eleven Shaft, extendable to eighteen axis
Wire diameter range   mm 0.1 - 1.0   0.5 - 2.6   1.8 - 4.2  
external diameter   mm twenty-five forty seventy
length   mm thirty-five sixty one hundred and fifty
size mm 1650x1560x995 1962x1788x1763 2150x2670x2480
weight kg nine hundred and fifty one thousand six hundred and thirty three thousand and five hundred
Matching rack 100kgs 100kgs 1000 kgs

Standard shaft: wire feeding, turning wire, rotating core, two-dimensional sliding seat x4, a total of 11 shafts
Optional axis: servo double crimp, servo crimp, servo cutter, rotary gripper, etc. up to 18 axis

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