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 EF series - cam free high speed spring machine

EF series - cam free high speed spring machine

Product overview

*No cam design, full servo motor drive, overcome the cam time limit, production faster    
*It can set the working origin, shorten the stroke and improve the production speed    
*Self developed advanced control software, give full play to the characteristics of servo motor, the production speed is 50% ~ 150% faster than the traditional cam        
*The control hardware adopts Beckhoff controller from Germany, with stable and reliable performance    
*Windows system, remote online, real-time diagnosis and system maintenance

technical parameter
model CNC-1320 EF-20W CNC-1350 (EF-50W)
Number of axes thirteen thirteen
Wire diameter range   mm 0.4 - 2.3   2.3- 5.0  
external diameter   mm   forty one hundred and twenty
Foot length mm sixty one hundred
Wire feeding   kw two point six seven
Slide seat   kw one point two four point five
Rotating core   kw one one point two
Turn line   kw four point five seven point five
Power Supply 380V/220V
size   mm 1900x1750x1720 2850x2110x2100
weight kg one thousand five hundred and thirty four thousand seven hundred and twenty
Matching rack 100kgs 1000kgs

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