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Product overview
technical parameter
model   Model 3D-DR70C  
Diameter line processing
Flexible cord   soft wire 2.5 - 7.0mm
Hard wire   hard wire 2.0 - 5.0mm
Number of servo axes   Servo Axis   10 Axis
Feeding   A Feeding) 1.2KW 1000rpm
Feeding   B Feeding) 1.2KW 1000rpm
Bending   A Bending 1.2KW 1000rpm
Bending   B Bending 1.2KW 1000rpm
Wire transfer   A Wire rotation 1.2KW 1000rpm
Wire transfer   B Wire rotation 1.2KW 1000rpm
Clamp rotation   Finger rotation 1.2KW 1000rpm
Movement of straightening device   Leveling device moverment 1.2KW 1000rpm
Traction reclaim movement   Finger device   1.2KW 1000rpm
Cut off device   Cutting device 1.0KW 3000rpm
Feed length   Feed length 1800mm & 2400mm
Power Supply   Power three mutually   AC 380V
Total power   Total installed power   15KW
Equipment size   Dimension   W x L x H) 1600 x 3900 x 1800
Equipment weight   Weight   2450kgs
Load bearing of material rack   Decoiler load 1500kgs

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